Accu Flange

Flange Connection System for spiral pipe(round or oval)
single or double wall for pressures up to 10″ W.G. Accu Flange is
available in Galvanized, Stainless, Aluminum, and Plastic coated.

Spiral Fittings, Inc.

Yellow label spun metal fittings

CL Ward & Family, Inc.

Duct Flange, corners, cleats, gasket, access doors, duct hangers, sealants, adhesives, spiral fittings, vane and rail, and accessory products

Loyd ProductsLloyd Industries, Inc.

Fire dampers, smoke/fire dampers, air control dampers, access doors, ceiling radiation dampers, louvers, brick vents, backdraft dampers, security bars, roof curbs, and equipment support rails.


Access doors, grease doors, roof and floor hatches

Keenan and Meier

Backdraft Dampers

Vent Products

Control Dampers, Ventilators and Equipment Supports

Winkler ProductsWinkler

Product Blast Gates

Sunvent Industries EX Vent ImageSunvent Industries

Aluminum Brick/Block Vents

Flamegard ImageFlame Gard

Grease door, Filter, Canopy, Hood lights, Fixtures

Pate Co ImageThe Pate Company

Roof Curbs, Equipment Rails, Pipe penetration products, Pipe and Duct Supports, Skylights

United Enertech ImagesUnited Enertech

Louvers, Roof Vents and Penthouses, Sunshades – Fire/Somke Dampers, Smoke Dampers, Radiation dampers, Air Balance Dampers, Cable Controllers, Commercial & Industrial Control Dampers, Motorized Dampers, Drop Diffuser Plenums, Walk In Duct Doors, Security Bars and Grilles, VAV Terminal Unit, Discharge BDD Caps

Midwest Metal Products

Angle Rings (Stock & Custom), Wonder Flanges, Gaskets



Other Products Sold:

– Spiral pipe and Fittings: galvanized, aluminum, PVC, galvannealed, and stainless

– Sheet Steel and Coil: galvanized, cold rolled, hot rolled, galvannealed

– Galvanized angle, beams, channel, plate, rod

– Aluminum Sheet